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GROUNDS MAINTENANCE ADVICE: - Grounds Maintenance advice is available from qualified horticultural trained staff to ensure the maintenance program will be sensitive to your landscape and your vision.

COST EFECTIVE TAILORED PACKAGES: - We have maintenance packages to suit all budgets and will tailor our service to your individual requirements.  Our choice of maintenance packages may include;

- Flexible Workforce: Manpower can be provided by permanent site staff (including the TUPE transfer of existing site staff) or by one of our fully equipped mobile teams
- Flexible Working Hours: Maintenance work can be programmed to avoid any unsuitable hours
- Long and short term contracts

EXTENSIVE RANGE OF SERVICES: - We provide an extensive range of services that will provide you with a One-Stop solution for your entire external maintenance requirements. Services include;

- Horticultural maintenance
- Landscape improvements
- Arboriculture services by qualified Tree Surgeons
- Site and building cleansing
- Woodland and wetland management
- Weed management and pesticide application
- External site repair works

MANAGEMENT QUALITY REVIEWS: A member of our management team will visit you site on a quarterly basis to check the quality of work to ensure that our standards remain high, we will provide you with a copy of their report.

SITE MAINTENANCE AUDIT: We will audit your site yearly and recommend works that will need to be carried out during the next 12 months.  The report includes;

- Horticultural maintenance recommendations
- Tree care report
- Site and building cleansing recommendations
- Other site observations e.g. repair works

NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE: - The quality of our work backed by our “No Quibble” guarantee. If we fail to maintain the site to the agreed specification and satisfaction level, we will react quickly with extra manpower to rectify the problem and refund the monthly maintenance charge until you are completely satisfied.

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